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About Us 2016

Posted by on July 9, 2016

Daydreamers 3

The Sunshine Daydream Family originated during the planning for the 50th anniversary shows in Chicago, forever known as the FTW shows. We are deadheads, new and old, all connecting through dead.net, and decided we needed to get together and celebrate family and love and laughter and music, in person, with hugs and smiles. And indeed, we did just that and we all met together in Chicago at High Noon on July 4th, 2105 celebrated first time meetups and had an awesome Pizza Pic-a-nic…maybe 40 strong, and growing, for we are everywhere…and oh yes, there was music from a band beyond description.

The gathering was awesome, and lifelong friendships were started or strengthened. Less the good vibes go by the wayside, we decided to continue our journeys and meet-ups with a series of meeting at various shows in the future. Dead & Co provided the music, the bus stayed tuned up and at the ready, and multiple reunions have and continue to happen as we Sunshine Daydreamers honor the past, celebrate the present, and anticipate the future.

Like a good jam, the energy is contagious, the celebrations straight from the heart, and the vibes are awesome. We all miss Jerry, but for real, the music, the love, and the celebration of life never stopped.  Join us as we share those moments with you, here or on dead.net.

Fare Thee Well, and always remember to “…listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock your soul…”

~ Geomeister

Let the Dead & Company 2017 Fall Tour Begin!

Posted by on November 9, 2017

Tonight, at the Giants open-air baseball stadium AT&T Park in San Francisco, California, Dead & Company begin their month-long 2017 Fall Tour. The band is scheduled to play at 10:35 pm Central time at the Band Together Bay Area Benefit Concert. 


After a tumultuous year of a life-changing tragedy, I am very grateful that Dead & Company are playing live, again. The 2017 Fall Tour will be a brand-new experience for me and even though I will very much miss going to concerts with a unique, special person, I welcome this opportunity to feel a little normal and enjoy things, finally. I am sure my experience out on the road will revitalize my spirit and aide in resetting my life. I look forward returning home and being able to listen to this band in peace and tranquility.













It is time to have some fun. See you at Nationwide Arena Saturday, November 25 in Columbus, Ohio, Section 116 Row L, and see you on the Golden Road…



-Ozark Matt

Dead & Company Fall 2017 – Tour Poster Art and Latest News

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-photo by Ozark Matt 6.17.16

Dead & Company will play the Late Show with Stephen Colbert next Thursday and Friday November 16 and 17.


Tomorrow’s Dead & Company 2017 Fall Tour opener at AT&T Park will begin at 8:35 pm Pacific time and will be available for online video streaming on Metallica’s YouTube Channel.



2017 Fall Tour Poster Art 
















The poster of the show I will be attending, personally, I really like it, has tremendous depth, and is one of the better ones, bravo. 


A stunning, masterfully rendered image. 


Graphic design at its best. Dead & Company always inspire with their chosen tour imagery. 


-Ozark Matt

Band Together Bay Area Benefit – Dead & Company 2017 Fall Tour Begins

Posted by on November 8, 2017

A predictable result of humankind’s continual destruction of Earth’s fragile ecosystems, Climate Change charged California wildfires have elevated in intensity, becoming almost impossible to safely mitigate around heavily populated areas once considered safe from the destruction of a raging inferno consuming everything it its path. 


Tomorrow on November 9, Dead & Company will join other bands to fundraise for a local cause in their hometown of San Francisco at the Giants AT&T Park, as they play their first show of 16, beginning their highly anticipated 2017 Fall Tour in 14 different American cities, ending December 8 in Sunrise, Florida. 


Hard to believe, AT&T Park in San Francisco is the first Major League Baseball stadium to be built entirely with private money; hopefully, a continuing trend that will help cease the massive, unconscionable transfer of wealth in this country from the hardworking, deserving bottom 99% of all Americans to the wealthiest, elite 1% members of society. 


In the United States, it is the policy of business and government to destroy nature for money.

Millionaires, billionaires, and corporate executives in ivory towers do not jump out of airplanes to stop the fires they themselves have created. Instead, average people who understand our current selfish path is unsustainable must risk their lives everyday to ensure future generations have enough oxygen to breathe and this country does not end up in an apocalyptic, Hollywood-like portrayal of an approaching nightmare where trees are like dinosaurs. 


Nature is already in the midst of her long-awaited revenge, how far will she go?




Jerome John Garcia – Leo Libra Rising

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Polite, charming, and private describe those who are Leo with Libra Rising. 




At the moment of his birth, 12:03 pm San Francisco time, the constellation Libra was appearing over the horizon in Northern California, making Jerry Garcia an individual with what astrologers call Sun in Leo with Libra Rising. A person’s primary zodiac sign, the Sun sign, deals with their ego, vitality, and central identity, but one’s Rising or Ascendant sign is the “public mask” we wear and how others actually see ourselves and experience our outward personalities. I am a Gemini, but operate much more like my Rising sign: Virgo; my home is very clean and I am constant worrier, for example.

A frozen cosmic moment in time as you entered this world, not unlike a four dimensional celestial fingerprint, your complex and detailed natal astrological chart is loaded with information about your personality, how you handle your emotions and their intensity, your past lives, innermost desires, karmic destiny, and potential future path. Let’s take a closer, holistic view of Jerry’s planetary aspects and other clues to the unique manner in which he would demonstrate his purpose in life.


Moon in Aries

The Moon rules the emotional self, so when the Moon is in Aries, take caution. Aries Moon is not known for restraint. They are impulsive and enthusiastic. If an idea strikes them, they are the first on the bandwagon to make it reality, without stopping to think about any obstacles that may be in the way. Spontaneous and determined, they let their heart rule their head.

Moon Sign Aries is happy, optimistic, and impatient. They live for the moment, forgetting all else. Instant gratification is their middle name. They are passionate and have no qualms about sharing how they feel. At the same time, they can be very independent. They don’t like to take no for an answer. They have the self-confidence to put themselves out there and they want to make a strong impression. Subtle does not describe this Sign. They are well-suited to meeting challenges that may destroy lesser people. They are clever and often approach their situations with a novel angle. Occasionally there are the few who may blame everything on other people.

Aries Moon takes everything personally, but they don’t hold grudges. If they feel slighted they will burst out angrily and let those responsible know about it. Their emotions can rapidly change, and they can throw some spectacular tantrums. These emotional outbursts are usually over as quickly as they started. They don’t normally take any time to consider the consequences of their actions. They seem to be able to just shrug off anything that goes wrong and keep going. They tend to calm down as they get older.

Moon Sign Aries gets bored easily. They have been accused of causing confrontations just to keep things interesting. If you live with a Moon in Aries person, keep this in mind. It may make it easier to deal with the drama that is bound to occur. They like to get their own way, and can resent any authority besides their own. At their worst, Aries Moon can be overconfident, aggressive, self-indulgent and foolhardy. At their best, they can be inspiring, kind, sympathetic, generous and tireless for a cause.

Moon Sign Aries has a problem differentiating between a need and a want. If they want it, they feel they need it with all their being. This can be a problem for overspending or other vices. They are charming, even when they are in the midst of a personal crisis that has all their friends scrambling to help. In the middle of these frequent “crises,” they seldom feel any concern over the needs of others.

On the good side, the Aries Moon isn’t likely to sulk if they don’t get their way. They also play it straight… they don’t go for manipulating others through guile or deception. They have an aura of innocence around them. They can achieve what many other people want, but don’t take the chance to get. They like the idea of having power, and will probably handle it fine, if a little heavy handed.


Neptune in the 12th House

People with Neptune in the 12th House have an entire Universe within that they might even struggle to know and understand. Neptune is in its ruling house here, which can bring out both the best and the worst of the 12th House. The negative aspects of disassociation, projection, and self-victimization can run rampant. But, this can also be the most transcendental, inspirational 12th House planet of all. It does all depend on what the 12th House Neptune individual chooses to do with this energy. These people are highly gifted on psychic and creative levels. Their potential to heal and bless the world and themselves is enormous. But, their Neptune needs to be owned first.

12th House planets usually go into hiding during our childhood. Their expression is often shamed by one or both of the parents, not fitting into the 1st House picture that they want to paint of us. And Neptune in the 12th can experience this early guilt and projection on a very deep level. These kids are often criticized for their high sensitivity and their ability to dream and drift. It’s not the realistic, thick-skinned personality that their parents want to see. Therefore, this part of themselves becomes repressed. It’s sad that the 12th House Neptune child’s amazing compassion and imagination is often rejected like this. It’s on account of their parents being too “practical” to value wild dreaming as well as being rather selfish. In extreme cases, they may even be insensitive and cruel.

So, when we learn to hide our 12th House planets, we start seeing them out in the world. At an unevolved level, these qualities become the world’s problem, not our own. Therefore, a repressed Neptune in the 12th person can feel like they’re constantly coming up against impractical, unrealistic people. Those with Neptune in this house are the chameleons of chameleons. So, they can readily blend into the more pragmatic parts of the world, distancing themselves from their unearthly inner Neptune. It’s a cold, hard reality, as their parents have constantly taught them, and they strive to adapt to it. However, this shape-shifting only becomes more and more desperate. It’s actually a form of them running from the fact that they are not realistic, which is generally not a bad thing, and that, deep down, they feel like they are not of this world.

The cruelty of mankind can disturb them to the core but, in the midst of their playacting, they might convince themselves that they’re unaffected by it. It’s no doubt that most 12th House Neptune people learn to develop very thick skins. They feel like they have to, in order to survive. So, it can be common for those with this placement to appear to be the least victimized. On the surface, that is. On the inside, they are very tormented by the pain of others, to the point where they might disassociate from it. Neptune in the 12th House feels like everyone else is so fragile and so vulnerable. They are very affected by people who are hurt, lost, confused, or rejected. But, they can fail to realize or admit just how incredibly fragile and vulnerable they themselves are. Their high sensitivity seems to magnify the pain of others. Failing to accept this sensitivity makes things worse.

People with Neptune in this house, therefore, victimize themselves through their denial and their constant disguise-wearing. They can desperately assume whatever role is needed in order to survive the world and not be crushed by it, especially if Neptune is conjunct their Ascendant. But, this can cause a rising break from reality, to the point where they no longer know what or who is real anymore. This is why Neptune in the 12th House can be so intent on burrowing themselves in what’s not real: the make-believe land of movies, books, or other endless fantasies. Therefore, these people’s self-victimization can be deeply private and inward, more so than other 12th House folks. Escape is a particular tool of undoing, whether it’s through isolation, delusion, or addiction. Mental and emotional breakdowns are commonly experienced with this position, even though many people who know them might not have a clue, especially if Pluto or Scorpio is a big influence in the chart.

Now, all of this can be overcome, of course. Often times, it’s after all of this suffering that the light at the end of the tunnel is found. Neptune in the 12th usually experiences life in this redemptive kind of way. A big part of this process is finding the strength to bring their Neptune into awareness. 12th House planets are beautiful blessings once they are acknowledged and integrated into consciousness. We become victims of them when we only see them “out there.” But, when we see them both in ourselves and in others, we can express them with compassion and forgiveness. And since Neptune is all about compassion and forgiveness, this is a big part of the process here.

Basically, Neptune in the 12th House people have to totally accept what it means to be a human being: all of the fragility, fears, dreams, and every other color on the spectrum of mankind. The rather hardened attitude of the parents needs to be discarded and their softer, fluid side must emerge with total understanding and grace. They are very sensitive, intuitive, and unworldly beings. Even though this is not always valued in society, 12th House Neptune needs to realize their yearning to transcend the limitations of our society. These are the same limits that allow people to judge, abuse, mistreat, and reject others so harshly. Learning to do away with these things is what allows them to honor and respect the Neptunian humanity within us all. This allows them to empathize with everyone, as well as see a little bit of everyone within themselves.


Uranus in the 8th House

With your natal Uranus in your 8th house, you like to transform yourself, and may do so on a whim several times in your life. The way in which you go about it could be unusual or different somehow. You like change, and without it, you get bored, so you need to make sure you’re not changing things for the sake of change, because you could be destroying something good. Other people can’t keep up with your swift changes, and you may have a hard time considering how the changes that you make impact other people, so they pay for your bad decisions. You tend not to get stuck in ruts, and you can make profound changes.


Venus Conjunct Jupiter

The conjunction of Venus to Jupiter indicates that you are benevolent, kind, sympathetic, and generous. But you go to extremes in expressing these qualities and are indulgent with people even when they don’t deserve it. Brutality and vulgarity are intolerable to you. You have a good sense of humor, although you have your contemplative moments, and you usually conduct yourself with decorum.

In the presence of adversity, you are especially optimistic and always hopeful that the situation will turn out for the best. Self-indulgent in acquiring material comforts, you prefer a life of ease that allows you to participate in all the pleasurable social activities that you love. Domestic conditions in your childhood may not have been abundant in material comforts, but probably you were not deprived of anything truly essential.

Love, kindness, and understanding between you and your parents established the foundation for your continued growth and development. You are suited to occupations in which your effusive manner can be expressed, such as public relations, travel, working with young people as a teacher or guidance counselor, or directing social activities. Through your work in a welfare organization or foundation, you could bring joy and hope to people who are disadvantaged by social, economic, or physical problems. Your talents might also be applied in rehabilitative therapy through crafts and other vocational pursuits.

Your breezy disposition and warm nature make you popular with almost everybody. You are too easy-going, though, and some individuals may try to take advantage of you. However, you are rarely embittered by such negative encounters. You seek and are sought after by people who are also self-assured and who expect to succeed. You respond to honesty and gravitate toward persons with that quality.

But you react negatively to those who make sincere gestures toward others only if they have some ulterior motive. You don’t waste time on people who waste their time. Any accomplishment, either material or personal, makes you glow with happiness. Difficult stress contact from Saturn to this planetary pair may make it burdensome to gain this happiness, but you would still be inclined to it.


North Node in Virgo

In past lives you had a tendency to escape, perhaps through drugs or alcohol, or maybe just by daydreaming. You had little to go on except your instincts and may not have had any success at all in life. You carry with you that feeling of inner confusion and a lack of confidence. It is through work that you will build yourself again.

It is important for the North Node in Virgo to develop goals and work towards them.  You will find a constant distraction in others’ sufferings. In fact, you feel the pain of all those around you as a result of so much suffering yourself in a past life yourself.  Only when you begin to discriminate between those whom you can really help and who deserve your help and those who are beyond saving will you make any progress in your own life. If you have let others drain you of your energy so that your own plans and schemes have suffered, this is your South Node dragging you down. Begin to use your intellect to rule your emotions and you are on the path to happiness.

People will try to rely on you, for you still radiate a strong compassionate nature which draws others to you, especially the weak and hopeless.  Until you know yourself better, you may feel compelled to say “yes” to all of them.  When you being to say “no” you will lay the foundation for a stable life.  Your health will improve greatly.  Once you establish a routine, hold down a job, and start thinking clearly about life in a detached way, you will be able to help many, many people.  But until then, stopping to feel others’ pain will only drag you down.

Because you are highly sensitive, you may carry a hurt inside for years, nursing your upset feelings. Stop it!  You will be given the chance to forgive those who have “wronged” you and doing so furthers your soul growth.  You may often be more disappointed than hurt by others since you have such high ideals and a desire for perfection.  As you learn to be okay with yourself, you will learn to be okay with others, too.  (Although do be wary of falling into the old habit of overlooking truly unacceptable behavior.)

It is important for the North Node in Virgo to pay close attention to detail. This will help you make good decisions and drain the swamp of your tumultuous emotions. You are here to develop your mind and learn discrimination. This requires you pay close attention to the world around you. If you fail to focus, you will find yourself mixed up in a series of misunderstandings or even tragedies. The universe will not support you in glossing over things or going with your gut feeling any longer.

Some recommended antidotes for those struggling to balance their Piscean and Virgo energy include word processing, gardening, studying history, writing, public speaking, and science.  Anyone with prominent Virgo energy would be a naturally gifted administrative assistant. These are all great career paths for the North Node in Virgo.

You are bound to be disillusioned at some point in your life. Take this as a lesson. You can make the world a better place, if not for everyone then at least for some. But this can only happen when you resist others’ attempt to manipulate your good nature. Act on clear thinking rather than feeling and instinct, and realize that not all suffering is unavoidable.  Above all avoid the temptation to retreat into your dream world.  The North Node in Virgo carrier is here to learn to serve others, but first you must clearly ascertain what they really need. This requires a strong mind to go with your loving heart.


Mercury Conjunct Pluto in the 10th House

Mercury conjunct Pluto in the natal chart gives a powerful intellect and deep curiosity. You can be a very intense person and this will especially show in your style of communication. You can have a strong influence on those around you and be very persuasive, with a penetrating stare.

You are so persuasive because you know the facts on a particular matter. Your probing mind can uncover all the details and also those things that are hidden. You also  have the ability to understand occult meaning or mysteries, that only a very few people are able to access and understand. You would make an excellent detective or researcher.

But it is you ability to relate your knowledge to others that makes you a good all round communicator. People will be impressed by your depth of understanding and therefore come around to your way of thinking. This aspect is neutral for good and bad. You also have the ability to convince other of lies. You would be good at keeping secrets and spreading propaganda. Obviously, a career in communications would suit but so would the secret service or even in underworld organizations.

You can be quite forceful when communicating and this may pose a problem with close relationships. It is possible that you friends find you interfering at times or too intense. Learning to relax is important with this aspect as you can very easily become highly strung and may suffer from nervous conditions.

You will likely become involved in some dark and very serious issues in your life, possible relating to addiction or abuse. But you have the intellect and psychological understanding to see the bigger picture, the inter relatedness of everything in the universe. This spiritual view helps you continually evolve your thinking to transcend the limitations of life in a finite human body.

With your natal Mercury in the 10th house, when you communicate, you do so with authority. You demand that people listen, and they usually do, though you can be overly bossy at times.

The 10th house rules your career, so you tend to gravitate towards Mercury-related professions, and could work in communications, as a writer or speaker, with technology, or doing anything with words.

Since Mercury is a dual planet, you could have two different professions in your life, or work two at the same time. You need variety and change in your career, and if you don’t know what you want to do, you change work often. A job with constant stimulation is best for you.


Mars square Uranus

The square will be felt as an inner tension, you are torn between the Uranian search for freedom and a deep need to feel safe and secure. This is a clash between the familiar patterns of the known and the siren call of the potential of the unknown. This is likely to be felt as a fear of commitment and risk. While you will be attracted towards greater freedom, with the possibility of creating a context where you can be more fully yourself, the likelihood is that you will resist the impulse. As you analyze your options, you prefer to play safe, as you cannot obtain these cast-iron guarantees that you would like as to the future success of your choices.

This inner frustration that is likely to build up can cause stress, as a part of your nature is being denied and repressed. You are liable to feel some emotional unease, where you are afraid of allowing full emotional expression, or even properly acknowledging your emotional nature. It is a fear of ‘letting go’ that is the root of this difficulty, where emotional or material losses are to be avoided if at all possible. This may have arisen through childhood experiences of loss which deeply affected you, or though a pattern developing that too strongly identified your self with people or possessions, so that with any withdrawal or removal of them from your life, you felt that you were losing part of yourself. You will feel that you need to keep a tight control on life, trying to ensure that chance and predictability are fended off; in this sense, you accept the more grounding energy of Mars, while denying the unsettling but potentially liberating energy of Uranus. You apply the Mars energy in terms of conservation, ensuring a protection of your resources through prudent and cautious organization.

You intend to apply yourself diligently to your objectives, even if you expect that they will take longer to achieve without taking risks; the problem is that for varying reasons, your intentions often fail to be realized, perhaps through an impatient Uranus unraveling those attempts at persistent effort. Or your interest wanes as you reach a point where a more risky decisive step has to be taken. When that journey of a thousand miles requires the taking of the first step, you may decide not to travel anywhere, preferring established security. Yet you may find that you are willing to allow the Uranian impulse to move freely in your life. This could initially arise as a result of a phase of denial where some external circumstance beyond your control throws you into a period of confusion and turmoil. Redundancy or the sudden collapse of a marriage could be triggers for Uranus to break through that dam. Certainly, it will not be denied expression for all your life, and that side of the square will need to be accepted and integrated. There is potential that even while maintaining your relative control you could safely begin to open up to new horizons, to explore other interests, to expand and liberate your limiting conception of your nature and life.


Moon square Venus

Moon square Venus in the natal chart makes it a struggle for you to satisfy your need to love and affection. Above all this is what you want most in life, a loving, harmonious and drama free relationship. Your emotional well-being depends of the loyal and regular emotional nourishment and support of loved ones.

You may even measure your own success in life by your intimate relationships and the amount of loyalty and devotion you receive. You can go to great lengths to find romance if you are single or your marriage is unsatisfying. You may try to fill the gap with one night stands and affairs but eventually this fails to satisfy your ceaseless need for love and affection.

Your are socially popular, charming and very attractive. You are a beautiful person and love being surrounded by fine things. You aspire to be well off and to live a simple life of comfort and ease. You should enjoy the company of a wide circle of friends and have plenty of admirers.

However, In your quest for pleasure you have a tendency to be ignorant of the needs of other people. You need that euphoric feeling that comes from the release of pleasure chemicals in your brain. Sometimes nothing else matters and you may appear greedy and wasteful.


Uranus sextile Pluto

The sextile aspect occurred in the midst of World War II; and it could be considered that the nature of the energy released during 1942-1946 was a positive boost to the Allied forces at the time, as it stimulated their cohesiveness and commitment to fight against the oppressive Nazi regime. If actually applied in the world, the tendencies which are associated with the sextile would help bring about social improvement and clarity within government and publicly representative bodies.

It invokes a natural voice of the people to object against social injustice and hypocrisy, to resist dictatorial abuses of power and influence emanating from central government, and to expose corruption whenever it occurs in high places. It embodies the dichotomy between the individual and the State, wherein the State should reflect the democratic will of the people, and be the elected servant of the people, and yet in real life becomes an independent entity dominated by power-blocs and influential political parties which perceives itself to be superior to the people and often ignores their demands.

The political elite is often quite dismissive of the general public, believing that it has the machinery and power to manipulate the social consciousness as it wills, and invariably wishes that what often passes as democracy did not exist to get in its way. Unfortunately, the analysis of public apathy and the elite’s ability to manipulate social attitudes is often correct, and serves as a reactionary barrier to social progress.

However, one tendency of this aspect is to expect and insist upon a high quality of governmental leadership, a belief that those in positions of authority and social influence should express the highest ideals, morals and values of the society they represent; if not, they should be replaced. A shift in this direction, assuming such quality people made themselves available, could stimulate a major change in society; it is a prerequisite for the new vision to appear in the future.

Preserving and expanding the nature and depth of freedom in the world is an ongoing struggle, in the West as in the East, as there are many who wish to see it destroyed for self-centered reasons. Of interest during these war years was the rapid development of the Manhattan project, and the birth of the atomic bomb, which demonstrated the sudden ‘lightning flash’ quality of Uranus both in the scientific intuitions and insights needed to create the technology and in the physical demonstration of its effect. This links with Pluto’s negative social face, which confronts us with a choice of two forms of transformation, negative and positive, collective destruction or collective unifying change.

The way forward obviously depends on public activism or apathy, and on the quality of social leadership and the nature of the conditioning attitude, separatist or unitive. Thus the circle turns to confront us with those tendencies associated with the sextile aspect, which, collectively, we are still facing.






– Ozark Matt

Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia Interviews

Posted by on November 7, 2017

The two most visible and known members of the Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia during the 1980 Fall Tour, speak about acoustic instruments, their fans, reincarnation, and the wonder of the then ultra-high tech live video simulcast. 


Bob proclaims: “We’re not a Sixties band!”










Dead & Company: Fall Tour 2017 – See You In Ohio

Posted by on November 6, 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017, Wrigley Field. The final show of the Summer 2017 Tour and the last time Dead & Company performed live. 



I will attend the Saturday, November 25 Columbus, Ohio show; look for Dead & Company: Ozark Matt’s Pic Picks Volume 9 in the weeks to come.

-Ozark Matt