A Box of Rain for Jeff and Pam Smith

Posted by on July 25, 2016

Life is swift and unpredictable. But a box of rain will ease the pain and love will see you through. You are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Sunshine Daydreamer Family

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7 thoughts on “A Box of Rain for Jeff and Pam Smith

  1. Holly Mattes

    Hugs from the Daydreamer family go out to you in your time of loss. Love will indeed see you through. We are here if you need anything at all. -Love, Holly

  2. George Hill

    Hey Pam and Jeff-

    We’re thinking of you and your family, and pray strength for you for today, tomorrow, and all the days and weeks to come. Please extend our condolences to your Brother Steve as well, that we are so sorry for the loss of your Sister.

    I know Kaye had lots of friends here, and Jeff’s family is here too, but if you are ever in need of a Daydreamer hug or a shoulder to lean on, we’re right next door too.

    Love from the Hills of North Texas, Geo & Lynné.

  3. Jeff Smith

    “A box of rain will ease the pain
    and love will see you through.”

    Thank you Sunshine Daydreamers everywhere. Your kind words are a real comfort and we can feel your warm thoughts and prayers. You’ve all added a whole new meaning to “everywhere” and for that we are very grateful! Onward, Jeff and Pam.

  4. Bobby69

    Sorry to hear about the bad news, My email was botched up for 3 days. My phone was too full.
    Belated condolences from PA. The circle of life is bittersweet. …..All my love, -Bob

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