A Few Pic-A-Nic Snapshots

Posted by on July 25, 2015

Twas one score + one day ago, just 21 revolutions, somewhere around 500 hours just past, when we were looking around for something to do…and found ourselves catty corner from the park. Looking back, and guess what happened…


buncha strangers all wearing like outfits started appearing as if directed by electronic impulses…and nary a tin-foil hat to be seen..

Luckily, they were found to be friendly and seemed easily bribed into staying for a bit…


All proceeded to make themselves at home


Somehow, sitting on the lush grass under the spreading oak crown canopy made visiting that much more enjoyable


And families grew


Old friends chatted in person for perhaps the first time



Getting chummy, as it should be

Goodies galore


Excuse me, is that a Jerry you’re wearing?


Hi Kristine!DSCN1591[1]

Ahh, the life…500 some odd hours ago



Thanks for the memories..


All in all, everyone who  attended seemed to have a grand time…and as the afternoon hours danced away, we had to say bye bye, only to convene later that afternoon and evening for another spectacular show.


The Family



3 thoughts on “A Few Pic-A-Nic Snapshots

  1. Jeff Smith

    Did everyone hear about George and Lisa taking a cab with our 16 pizzas in their official GD pizza boxes to LSD (Lake Shore Drive)? Right off the bat, you knew the Pic-A-Nic was going to something special! Thanks George! Grate photos! Fantastic memories!

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