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Lost Sailor

Posted by on July 14, 2015


photo by Ozark Matt 7.4.15 (matt ankney@2015)

You’re a lost sailor…

We neither have cable or an internet connection at home because of poor service, high fees, and redundancies with access, but the one digital subscription service I cannot live without is SiriusXM satellite radio because of the Grateful Dead Channel number twenty-three; it has allowed me to become a student of a massive amount of material and almost too many to count taped/board captured live shows Holly and I have heard for the last five years.

This morning, a live concert was playing from October 1979 in Springfield, Massachusetts and the band started playing Lost Sailor.  I was lucky to hear one of my favorite songs in person and cherished the experience.  Just like the broadcast from decades ago, this month, during a show crackling with so much positive energy it might tear the fabric of the universe, the crowd at Soldier Field became hushed and pensive.  It seemed some in the audience were not completely familiar with Lost Sailor very much and it allowed others to meditate on the moment and gain introspection in an environment that could not have been more of a perfect example of modern day Americana.  Plugging into the positive aspects of our collective past and filling a city and football stadium with, dare I say, “patriotism”.

Lost Sailor is one of those classic Grateful Dead songs that make you slow down and listen.  One eyeball was fixed on Bob and his moment on stage, while the other eyeball drifted towards majestic Lake Michigan, a silent relic of the last Ice Age bearing witness to a poignant rendition of a sincere tune, and a few small sailboats drifting in the purple summer.

-Ozark Matt


Ozark Matt and Holly Hikes-a-Lot Go Pic a Nic-ing

Posted by on July 13, 2015


900 miles of road, ready to roll

Perched in the co-pilot seat on her inflatable road cushion, Hikes-a-Lot jammed one of my favorite Brent Mydland tunes as we flew north across glaciated plains, past treeless moraines, and hundreds of clean, green wind turbine electric generators slowly whirling across the green horizon.

Saturday July, 4th, the next day, we awoke in our tent bivouacked on the sandy, pine tree shaded dunes of Illinois Beach State Park, walked from our parking spot off Michigan Avenue, and waited for what seemed like an eternity at a crosswalk one last epic traffic signal away from meeting a great group of people in person for the first time. We loved it and came home saying it was the best time we had ever had.


A cool guy with a cool shirt


in full pic a nic mode



The Grand Poo Bah reflects on the guitarist and I feel the space-time continuum give way


Pic a Nic-ing is a scene itself. Pretty cool


The tribe



A perfect setting


Explaining the rules of the game




In the heat of the game. Prizes are at stake, people.


Nobody resisted strawberry shortcake pie on a summer day and things were all right in the universe



Good friends



Hey now Daydreamers, This is your dus Briver.

Posted by on July 12, 2015

Good Sunday afternoon. Hope everyone is re-adjusted to a semi-normal existence at this point, except Zeke who gets to forgo reality a bit longer, lucky guy!

I’m enjoying summer in St. Louis with all of its 98 degree splendor. No hiking in that heat!

I’m figuring out this new site where we can be free to relate thoughts and ideas and spread our joy about the gosh darn Grateful Dead experience!

Hope to post all the pic a nic photos and all 1000 or so images that Matt shot from the shows on 7/4 and 7/5 in Chicago soon.

Have a good Sunday and a productive week ahead.

Hugs, Holly