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Hallowed DEADSPACE3 lands in Texas

Posted by on September 4, 2016

Drop-of-Dew Pam and I braved high water (literally) yesterday and the sacred thumb has landed! Thank you Matt!  Numero Tres has already been debriefed, re-packed and now all it needs is RoadKing’s mailing address so it can resume its trek back to the east coast on Tuesday.
Has anybody heard where DEADSPACE1 and DEADSPACE2 are hanging out these days? In case anyone needs it, my mailing address is: Jeff Smith; PO Box 1126; Fort Davis, TX 79734 
First of all, I hope those of you dealing with Hermine are doing OK and the beaches are holding up. I know it’s an adventure wherever you happen to live, but maybe the following will add interesting counterpoint to our flash-drives’ more familiar urban adventures.
Thumb(drive)ing to Texas:  With Dead & Company: Portland wafting in this morning’s sunshine, I thought maybe you’ like to hear about how Flash #3 almost didn’t make it to Texas. Yesterday (Saturday) morning Pam and I went into town to check mail in hopes of avoiding the afternoon rain. By the time we returned three hours later, a huge thunderhead had boiled up over the 9.6 mile stretch of ranch road between the highway and our house where it was darkly dumping inches by the minute. We managed to cross the first few swollen low-water crossings, but when we got to the main creek, we were stopped in our tracks by a raging torrent. Limpia Canyon was Limpia Creek once again! Little we could do but wait. After a little over an hour, the creek was still uncrossable, and I decided that maybe we’d have better luck with a crossing further upstream if we could get there. The end of the side-road leading to that crossing is 4-wheel drive on a good day, but by the time we got to its last half mile, the “road” had just about washed out. When we finally got to the alternate creek crossing, it too was near flood stage and so we waited some more. I waded part way across to test check the water depth. The creek bed is narrower at this point, which made the water deeper and faster. So we waited some more. After a while, I couldn’t stand waiting any longer. I locked the 4WD and mashed the gas. About midway across the creek we started loosing steering as our SUV began trying to float. We were starting to swerve downstream when, at the last second our forward momentum carried us far enough across for the front tires to begin regaining traction. The tires caught and In a split second we were adrip back on high ground. The last three creek crossings were further from the center of the storm and the water was no big deal and we (and our precious cargo) were soon back home.
THANKS to Lisa, Rich et alii for spreading the music and to all the members of the bucket-brigade! Onward.


Posted by on June 30, 2016


Late Afternoon Rain in the Taos Mountains

Late Afternoon Rain in the Taos Mountains

Drop of Dew Pam and I unflinchingly fought our way up to Taos late yesterday in a dramatic advancement of the south front line. We’ve been resting up for a final march up to Boulder tomorrow. Weather here in the mountains has been an awesome combination of shimmering sun and cool(ing), psychedelic summer cloudbursts. Best of luck to the rest of the RM Division as you mobilize for the final push (overland and airborne) to retake Folsom Field in memory of our beloved Grateful Dead and in salute to Dead and Company and Sunshine Daydreamers everywhere (for we are, indeed, everywhere)!! Onward!!! Oat Jeff


Posted by on December 31, 2015

2015 sure has been an amazingly grate year! So glad we made it! Good luck and best wishes in all that we do in 2016!!!

30 Days of Dead '15        31 Days of Dead - Vol. 6 (December 2015)

In case anyone doesn’t have enough Grateful Dead to listen to and hasn’t already downloaded them, here are links to 30 DAYS OF DEAD and 31 DAYS OF DEAD. (30 Days of Dead has been a tradition on every November since 2010. The Unofficial 31 Days of Dead follows in December. Each day they each provide an unreleased, unpredictable pick from across the GD eras/years. I’m a full-show/set kind of guy, but you’ll find some really amazing nuggets here.)

(OFFICIAL) 30 DAYS OF DEAD: This year’s 30 Days (scroll down to download all 30 days at one time):

For the 2012, 2013 & 2014 editions of 30 Days of Dead

Not sure where I downloaded 2011 from, but you’ll find the 2010 30 Days on Lossless Legs:

(UNOFFICIAL) 31 DAYS OF DEAD: This year’s 31 Days of Dead (just completed today). This link also includes grate commentary for each day plus additional links to downloads and setlists from previous editions of 31 Days

Where’s Pam, Jeff, Geomeister & Michael?

Posted by on September 16, 2015

[Couldn’t get my annotated version of Matt’s FTW panorama to upload on his post, so here’s a new one.]

I must have been off in search of a beer (or recycling previous ones). Not sure where Michael’s gone either. That’s Pam leaning on the yellow towel we used to help stake out territory at the rail. Geomeister* can be seen in his off-white, limited-edition, classic “Struttin’ Skeletons” Aloha Shirt (*aka: geooffwhitelimitededitionclassicstruttinskeletonsalohashirtmeister).

Wonderful view of tons of grate memories being made! Thanks Matt!

Ozark Matt's photo annotated by Oat Jeff

Ozark Matt’s photo annotated by Oat Jeff

But wait, there’s more!

Posted by on August 29, 2015

Have any Sunshine Daydreamers gotten tickets to any of the upcoming performances of Dead & Company, Phil & Friends, or other permutations of the remaining four? Hope so! And hope you’ll keep us posted. Onward everybody!

plf-logo1b     Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 1.35.16 PM     TxR


Field Trip

Posted by on August 2, 2015

[Sorry I just now got around to this, but I figured it should be part of the record. Skip all my written drivel if you want to – the pictures tell the story!]

The tie-dye and smiles and nods had been growing ever since Pam and I arrived in Chicago that Monday (June 29th). On Thursday we set out once again from the trippy Intercontinental Hotel (an outtasight time machine à la The Shining). On the street we met a guy from Sarasota in a Dancing Skeletons Bathrobe (we saw that same robe wearing a different guy on Saturday).

Magic Bear Robe

We then strolled down Michigan, crossed the river and headed down to Millennium Park (confusingly within Grant Park) through the still-rising tide of tie-dye. We passed around and through the huge shimmering Bean for an appropriate tweaking of perspective.

02 Bean

03 J&P at The Bean

By now it was difficult to miss hundreds of city workers setting up barricades, signs and tents for NEXT weekend’s A Taste of Chicago festival. WTF!? Fare Thee Well IS THIS WEEKEND! By the time we got to Buckingham Fountain, the City had totally Gulliver’ed it with barriers, chain-link and security folks (conspiracy buffs feel free to step in at this point). We called in a report to geofieldmarshallmeister down in Texas. We sent recon photos of alternate sites. Geo was on the horn with the Parks Department and watching our every move via Google Earth. Before you knew it, our trusty geomanbehindthecurtainmeister had saved the Pic-A-Nic. He deftly scootched it across LSD (Lake Shore Drive) to a nice shady location within eyeshot of the fountain plume at Buckingham-Now-In-Bondage.


Back to the Field Trip: After a Thai lunch, Sue the T-Rex beckoned from the Field Museum of Natural History. The Field Museum is next to Soldier Field, but Shakedown hadn’t started shaking yet. We were looking forward to fossils and gems and archeology and anthropology and exotic plant collections and . . . But, when we entered through the secondary North Entrance, nothing hinted at an unexpected added attraction within (unlike the Main Museum Entrance on the south side with all its banners and signs). Our City Passes zipped us to the head of the line. From there I immediately spotted three 8 foot by 8 foot tie-dyed banners floating overhead. What was tie dye doing here in a museum? They sure looked like Pollock Mandalas (While hitchhiking in the late 60’s, Courtney Pollock stopped at a ranch in Marin where Bob Weir happened to be, borrowed some pots and pans from Bob, and proceeded to set the bar for tie dye (and is still plying his trade today . . . click here for more about all that.))10 Sue & Pollock MandalasThe Other One: Main Entrance (photo courtesy geomeister):05 FieldMus(geophoto)

Anyway, turns out the Field’s Great Hall (where Sue and several Mastadons preside) had been transformed, appropriately, into Everything Is Dead. (Or, officially: ALL THE YEARS COMBINE: Deadhead Treasures From The Grateful Dead Archive & GDTS Too!) The show was curated by GDTSTOO and UC Santa Cruz Dead Archivist Nicholas Meriwether to celebrate the Fare Thee Well shows. Very cool and totally unexpected by these two touristas.07 GDExhib@FieldMusA giant Jerry welcomed the masses from his prominently displayed banner. Jerry was flanked by banners of early Dead album covers and other Dead imagery. The Dead had landed! . . .

08 MainHall FieldMusAl Hirschfeld’s classic Grateful Dead portrait also billowed above the fray.



13 Evelopes@Field MusMore than 1,000 of the original hand-decorated envelopes from Mail Order sparkled from a number of eye-level displays.15 Winning Env


Interspersed throughout the Great Hall were very well-done museum displays describing every era of the band with annotated fan correspondence, drawings, newsletters, posters, backstage passes, tickets and audience tapes.

Wow! We ARE Everywhere!!! It may have only been Thursday, but we were ready for lift-off.

Oh, and later we did get around to some of the museum’s regular offerings . . .18 Field-ChineseExhib1

12 Sue&TieDye Madalas copy



Posted by on July 16, 2015

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register yourself as an organ donor: Not sure how? You can find details on this state by state interactive map.

And while we’re on the subject of giving, thanks to sales of Sunshine Daydreamer mugs , $20.00 in royalties has accrued to my Zazzle account. I have made a donation to the Rex Foundation for 25.00 in the the name of Sunshine Daydreamers.

Keep the grate stories and pics coming – fun seeing everyone online! I’ll add a few as soon as I have a chance. Pam says “Hi!”