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Happy Birthday

Posted by on August 1, 2016

Mary…my wife of nearly 37 years.
Rich…my friend of 80 weeks
Jerry…my source of real good times for 41 years.

21 years ago today

Posted by on July 9, 2016

Jerry played his last show in the band. RIP. I saw GD twice on that final tour. While they certainly weren’t at their best in those shows,  especially Jerry, I’d love to see either show again and again.

Nothin left to do….

1 spin around the sun

Posted by on July 1, 2016

A year ago…seems like yesterday….we were wheels up at DFW airport on the way to one of the best times ever….I’d like to take that ride again.
I wish we could join you all corporeally and not just in spirit, but that will have to do this summer. Please keep posting…it is blissfully sort of painful knowing I’m missing it, but still getting the taste of it all.

Have fun and staaay in touch

smokin shakedown street

Posted by on March 22, 2016

A friend forwarded this link. I thought I’d share. I could not figure how to imbed as a link so cut and paste into your browser.

Brings back great, though somewhat hazy visions, of watching the gen admission from above in the 2nd deck…the crowd always evoked images of a huge organism dancing, grooving and bopping almost, but not quite in unison. I guarantee you can’t watch this without getting up and dancing. Brent really shines, too!


oh, I guess the link did imbed!

music never stopped forum on

Posted by on September 1, 2015

been following it a little bit…nice we have an entire caravan of busses now. Today’s song thread had a rain theme and it brought me back to one of the last times i saw GD with JG…6/30/95 in Pittsburgh.

it was a grey, thick, humid day, and you knew it was going to rain at some point. I just hoped it would off until after the show.

3 rivers stadium was an old, very ugly relic typical of the round stadia built in late 60s-mid 70s…all circular and and aging grey concrete. that day, it seemed while it was still light enough to see, that the sky and top of the stadium blended. very dismal visuals.

Rusted Root opened the show and they were fantastic….they got us moving early. i have not heard much from them in awhile but would like to see them again sometime.

Dead were mmmm…well, I’ve seen ’em better. a few things stand out clearly in my memory

after obviously struggling for much of the show, Jerry pulled it together for an epic STOM.

The intermission seemed to last FOREVER (but not as long as as at FTW in retrospect) but when they kicked off the 2nd set with the Beatles’ “Rain”, i felt the first drop of rain at EXACTLY the same time Jerry hit the first note. Not close or about but precisely the same time. I’ve seen posts on where others said the same thing so it was not just me. By the time the 4 song rain set ended, it had stopped raining (Rain, Box, LLR and Samba in the Rain).

I didn’t even mind the 2 1/2 hour drive home soaking wet.

not a bad Terrapin. my first take me to the river, but overall not their finest hour, but still a mediocre dead show is better than 90% of whatever else is out there, I say.

I think of this show every time there is a summer down pour.

i have a question about a jerry quote

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do you know the context in which he said, “Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”? I’ve done some minimal searching on it but can’t find the source. I’ve read others’ opinions that it refers to the voting process but would like to find the source interview. Thanks, and staaaay in touch.

full circle with the tickets

Posted by on July 16, 2015

Well, somehow I still had it, and somehow I found it…the small ticket stub is from my first GD show…9/25/76 at the Capital Center in Largo,Md. it has some corporate name now but anyway…quite the difference in design, eh? PS, there was a coupon for a free Coke at Roy Rogers restaurant on the back of that old ticket. I’m sure glad I didn’t cash it in way back when.20150711_134428