Fall Tour Roll Call!

Posted by on October 22, 2015

A week and a day and the Train’s a pulling out the Station!  Whoo! Whoo!

I’m in for three stops .. Philly, D.C., and most recently Albany.  I’d like to meet up with you all if our paths overlap.  <Roadking> Steve has made mention to me of an opening night apple pie featuring the best apples Harvard has to offer.

Let’s keep in touch, i miss ya’ll .. (Just look for the Mortatone shirt) 😉

Fourth Day of July

Fourth Day of July

Daydreamer Pic-a-nic

Daydreamer Pic-a-nic

13 thoughts on “Fall Tour Roll Call!

  1. Tony

    Wow…Swanny…Geeky….you guys are livin’ the dream !! So awesome to read and wishing you guys a blast at the shows. And hey, to Jeff’s point, keep us posted with pics, set lists, reviews and anything else you can fit in the kitchen sink.

    Cheers everyone !!


  2. ASL

    Hey MSD – will be at Verizon, too.

    Anyone going to the shows later this month? Rich?

    Also have 2 extras for DC if anyone gets a wild hair and wants to go…

    Think of y’all often. Hope everyone is well and happy.

    Anita (ASL)

    1. MadSwanDisease Post author

      I’ll have pumpkin pie and hot cocoa ready for you and your crew! Two of my sons and their friend in my DC squad. I caught my son Costa singing Bertha to himself yesterday. We’ve got him hooked 😀 Touch base when you get there. 4436103708.
      Just can’t hardly wait!
      See you soon

  3. hawk62

    Hey now! I’ll be at the LA Dec 30th and NYE shows. And, possibly the Boston show as well…might as well…since my brother may have an extra ticket. Any of you cats going to these shows?

  4. hawk62

    Turns out I can’t make the Boston show, although I’ve got tix to the LA New Year’s Run, but just learned that I won 2 tix to the MSG Free Show! Woot Woot! What a Hoot! I’m on the bus, and wondering who else I’ll see along the way (~);>}

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