Meetup at the Sunshine Daydreamers at the movies

Posted by on May 9, 2016


Hey anyone else going?

Thinking maybe we can have a little online meetup here and be “that guy (or girl)” sitting on their phone during the movie. I’ve not been to one of these before, but I assume it’s ok to dance in the theater, yes?  Not your everyday film thingy.

3 thoughts on “Meetup at the Sunshine Daydreamers at the movies

  1. rrrrrgrrrrr

    Hey Swannie,

    How’ve you been? Will likely pass on the movie, saw it live the first time around and what a fine show it was. Never had a playin crazy fingers wang dang doodle in the first set before or again. I’ll live with the memories. Enjoy!

    1. MadSwanDisease Post author

      Hey rgrggrrgrgr
      I’ve been on strike for almost a month (verizon). Its actually been super relaxing for the most part, I have a big strike fund stored up so im okay for another month or two. Been hitting some shows, sleeping late, rediscovering my kids. Nothing left to do but smile smile smile

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