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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 27, 2015

Happy Daydreaming Thanksgiving

Happy Daydreaming Thanksgiving

We think back over the year and remember the highlights…each and everyone of you as well as a host of others played a part…and I am very thankful it all happened.

As the touring, sharing, singing, dancing, hugs, laughter, music and smiles continue, I’ll hold close to my heart those memories you helped create  four score and a few days ago.

Live strong, stay safe, and remember the songs…for the music is the quilt and  the love knits it all together.

Thankful for daydreamers everywhere…peace and love to all!


full circle with the tickets

Posted by on July 16, 2015

Well, somehow I still had it, and somehow I found it…the small ticket stub is from my first GD show…9/25/76 at the Capital Center in Largo,Md. it has some corporate name now but anyway…quite the difference in design, eh? PS, there was a coupon for a free Coke at Roy Rogers restaurant on the back of that old ticket. I’m sure glad I didn’t cash it in way back when.20150711_134428

New addition…

Posted by on July 14, 2015

So, one of the goodies we purchased in Chi-Town was a wooden, hand-carved stealie.

USPS got it to us today, finally, after the poor vendor broke down on the way driving home from IL to NJ.  A trusting soul, he did deliver on the goods 🙂

How I convinced Lana to allow this as wall art still amazes me…but there’s more Dead wall art to come 🙂



Fits in well with the Dead throw blankie we got also 🙂

Cheers all !!