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Bluegrass, anyone?

Posted by on August 4, 2016

hey now daydreamers!!!

It’s a warm August evening here in the Roc Cha Cha and that brings to mind a warm evening not too long ago. Then setting was a deep forested gorge with a laze brook babbling through. Up on stage was legendary Peter Rowan along with his brothers  Lourn and Chris, along  with Susan Cunningham and a plethora of stars in the Bluegrass universe. It was the last gathering of the Hickory Festival. I was fortunate enough to be there, but truly blessed  to have access to record. Due to length and bandwidth considerations, the first set I will present is split into tow parts. I made this split without listening, I just split where needed. Therefore  thereare two download codes from  we transfer. the first is three files  and the  second code is one file. Download the three first and put them in a folder. then download the fourth file and drop it at the bottom of said folder  and the show should run in order, no track markers.

here are first ones:

next, this one:

just copy the code to your browser and it will take you to the pages. Enjoy!



New music Post

Posted by on July 10, 2016

Hey there Daydreamers. As promised a long year ago, I have begun posting some of my recordings. This is a post of TTB in Rochester 7-8-16. It isn’t a link, you have to copy and paste it in your browser, it will take you to a download page, it is a FLAC file, 24/96. If there is interest I will post FTW shows, but they are not first rate as they made go so far back to record, so they sound like poop.I have a lot of other shows I will post,  stay tuned.



HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu

Posted by on January 16, 2016

HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOunice gdFTW

Happy happy birthday to us all, as it was 365 days ago today, that our world got collectively better when Trixie Garcia announced something special. This very site says: Jerry Garcia’s daughter Trixie Garcia announced the shows in an exclusive interview. You can check out her announcement here:

As Wikipedia states, “The three shows in Chicago were initially announced on January 16, 2015 as the only three Fare Thee Well performances. Tickets were first made available through the Grateful Dead’s GDSTOO mail order system. Deadheads mailed in more than 60,000 envelopes, requesting a total of more than 360,000 tickets.” And then there was the wheel to end all wheels…and then magic happened…which lasted all they way through the end of the year.

So thank you all who played a part in putting this all together. It has been a marvelous year, and we are fortunate enough to have more to look forward to. Put on your party hats, have a bit of cake and give a loved one or yourself a twirl. Stop a stranger just to shake their hand. Smile on one-another…one more thing, “Be Kind.”

“They aren’t the best at what they do, they are the only ones that Do What They Do.”

…and we are all better off for that.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by on November 27, 2015

Happy Daydreaming Thanksgiving

Happy Daydreaming Thanksgiving

We think back over the year and remember the highlights…each and everyone of you as well as a host of others played a part…and I am very thankful it all happened.

As the touring, sharing, singing, dancing, hugs, laughter, music and smiles continue, I’ll hold close to my heart those memories you helped create  four score and a few days ago.

Live strong, stay safe, and remember the songs…for the music is the quilt and  the love knits it all together.

Thankful for daydreamers everywhere…peace and love to all!


The Greatest American Rock Band

Posted by on August 16, 2015

You know who I mean.

For their unrivaled track record of creativity and innovation, continuing even today, in light and sound.

For the highest level of musicianship, sustained over many decades.

For the breadth and durability of their own songbook.

For their lively and invigorating interpretation of the traditional American songbook.

And of course the testimony of the fan base, who the word “loyal” does not begin to describe. No other band has ever had anything like that following, neither in their heyday nor continuing so long, long after.

He Must be Famous

Posted by on August 9, 2015

Jerry made it to the cover of the Rolling Stones…many many times.

In Issue 148, 11/22/73, he looked like this:DSCN1882[1]

..not very charitable, but they also gave him the centerfold:


He must have been famous, right? A good kind of famous, though: one which doesn’t put on airs or act like a star. One who is approachable and smiling.

Jerry was in love with the universe. It showed in his life, his creativity, his far-reaching  presence. Always that smile…


He musta been famous.

For me, reflections are colored with the realities of the times. It seems he was always there, because the music was always there. Does that make sense? It seems like even in the quiet time you could hear a riff or hear his voice. He wasn’t a stranger, or a public figure, or some big rock star…he was Jerry.

From the first notes in ’72, as a broke hippie hearing him at that free outside show in Nashville, to the last ones in 1994 Jerry smiled thru the love and pain. I never saw him any other way. Even the shows where he was “off”, for some reason came across as wonderful lifetime experiences and all I remember was that  we all had a real good time…except that one night in SF,  and recollections are hazy and my own memories fuzzy…

I Had the good fortune to hang around the JGB in the late 80’s and for some reason had a JGB all-access employee pass for 1989 which seemed to slide me into any show no questions asked when I wasn’t “working”. The guy who stood there in front didn’t seem to be in charge, he just seemed to be  kind the ringleader by default. It was a family…

Jerry’s 1991 show in Squaw Valley with Grisman and that banjo wizard Bela Fleck left an imprint in my mind, as we rode gondolas up the hill w Everything!


Not sure when this was taken, but the hairdo says hair-don’t…


He musta been famous, right?


For me, he could make the guitar sing. And when that crazy synthesizer stuff became popular, he would play and trumpets or flutes would tally forth. What a kick he musta got out of that!

He musta been famous, but he had his battles…


And we know how that ended…


…twenty years ago today…

All the deadheads in Tanzania lined up at the post office in November of ’95…not to buy Money Orders tho…


Was he famous? Yes…Did he care? No, me thinks not. And that is rare…

Thank you Jerry. Your music was simply part of the thread that held all of our quilts and blankeys and lives together…always was, always will.

He was Jerry.

…we love you, we miss you, we will never forget you…and the music will live on forever.




A Few Pic-A-Nic Snapshots

Posted by on July 25, 2015

Twas one score + one day ago, just 21 revolutions, somewhere around 500 hours just past, when we were looking around for something to do…and found ourselves catty corner from the park. Looking back, and guess what happened…


buncha strangers all wearing like outfits started appearing as if directed by electronic impulses…and nary a tin-foil hat to be seen..

Luckily, they were found to be friendly and seemed easily bribed into staying for a bit…


All proceeded to make themselves at home


Somehow, sitting on the lush grass under the spreading oak crown canopy made visiting that much more enjoyable


And families grew


Old friends chatted in person for perhaps the first time



Getting chummy, as it should be

Goodies galore


Excuse me, is that a Jerry you’re wearing?


Hi Kristine!DSCN1591[1]

Ahh, the life…500 some odd hours ago



Thanks for the memories..


All in all, everyone who  attended seemed to have a grand time…and as the afternoon hours danced away, we had to say bye bye, only to convene later that afternoon and evening for another spectacular show.


The Family



Grateful Dead – NBC “Time and Again” (Documentary) circa 2000

Posted by on July 19, 2015

Here’s a breakdown of the program from the video’s description:

1:20 (1981) Gene Shalit and Jerry Garcia (excellent, as always) March 12th 1981 (following the GD’s 2 excellent MSG shows!)
1:50 Jerry’s witty response !
6:00 (1983) The “Dead Heads”
10:30 The Spirit (1985 and back to Haight Ashbury)
13:06 1987 … progressing out of their original confines (& “hit” record)
14:40 Monterey Pop Festival : Jerry expresses it very well, once again !
18:40 the concert video was NOT in 1989 (probably circa 1987…)
18:55 (1989) Garcia & Weir interview (with concert clips in 1989)
21:24 (1991) the concert was actually June 25, 1991 Bonner Springs (not July 5th).
25:01 (1992) great Mickey Hart getting Senior Citizen’s into a “Rythym Devils” !
26:43 (1993) Grateful Dead get to the Congress ! (the concert shots are from 1989 !)
30:44 (1993) April 12th : Star Spangled Banner
31:30 Garcia folk music roots & his return with David Grisman
38:23 RIP Jerry Garcia
42:50 end