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Posted by on September 13, 2015

They are Awesome!  For some reason I couldn’t post in the reply section, but I zoomed in and found me in one of your crowd shots – (daydreamer pic-a-nic shirt and bee hat).  Chris/Boo right in front of me in the taper section.  Anyone else?

hey that's me

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  1. Ozark Matt

    The best rock and roll version of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ during a Grateful Dead show, of all things. I love it. Mad Swan was awarded the bee hat at the pic-a-nic because he correctly, which he told me was the subject of a then recent dream, guessed the first song of the three day Chicago Fare Thee Well shows to be played on Friday was Box of Rain.

    Thank you so much, for your appreciation of what I was able to capture. It was my pleasure and, quite frankly, I took few photos during the actual playing of the music because I was too into the moment and often lifting my jaw off the floor from how awesome the show was on many levels, including the sound quality and mix, musicianship, mega-blasting stadium volume trying to blow the stands down at some points, and the unbelievable light show that Stephen Spielberg wishes he had during the filming of Close Encounters.

    I will see if I can save a higher resolution file in maybe a .png format and post it in this comment section in higher quality so you guys can see better. The photos of this event that have made the internet so far are about at half the original resolution.

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