The Albany Show

Posted by on October 31, 2015

Howdy Peeps!

Here’s my commercially official take on the show, please allow me to share and encourage all to pass it on to your friends, neighbors, strangers and woodland creatures.

and here’s some rare and previously unreleased exclusive photos!

dad phone 749

dad phone 750

dad phone 756

dad phone 760

dad phone 779

Thanks, Peace!

2 thoughts on “The Albany Show

  1. Tony

    Man, you are good Swanny!!

    Pics and prose spot on brother!!

    Of most importance, glad you enjoyed the show as I know you’ll enjoy the others coming 🙂

    Hey how – BOO !!!

  2. George Hill

    That is a real good time, Matt….plenty of time over the four-day weekend to look closely at the show from your point of view. You done good, once again!

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