Where’s Pam, Jeff, Geomeister & Michael?

Posted by on September 16, 2015

[Couldn’t get my annotated version of Matt’s FTW panorama to upload on his post, so here’s a new one.]

I must have been off in search of a beer (or recycling previous ones). Not sure where Michael’s gone either. That’s Pam leaning on the yellow towel we used to help stake out territory at the rail. Geomeister* can be seen in his off-white, limited-edition, classic “Struttin’ Skeletons” Aloha Shirt (*aka: geooffwhitelimitededitionclassicstruttinskeletonsalohashirtmeister).

Wonderful view of tons of grate memories being made! Thanks Matt!

Ozark Matt's photo annotated by Oat Jeff

Ozark Matt’s photo annotated by Oat Jeff

5 thoughts on “Where’s Pam, Jeff, Geomeister & Michael?

  1. Ozark Matt

    I can see them, perfectly. How awesome. I am scanning unposted photos right now for maybe a closer shot during the daylight hours. I am really not seeing anything with you guys in the shot more zoomed in, more of just closer to stage.

  2. George Hill

    See? You can’t run, you can’t hide, with Jeff “Eagle Eyes” on the job….I do see Operativedfw’s (Michael’s) elbows on the rail, between Pam and me. We sure had a good time, and made memories to last a lifetime. One of my goals all along, and Jeff and Lisa can attest to that as we schemed and plotted for months ahead of time, was to do my/our best to get a good spot on the rail in the chaos of the GA standing room only area. With the help of everyone, staking out and holding our spot was relatively easy Saturday and Sunday. Thank you Jeff, Pam, and Michael for making us a cohesive group. And Lisa, altho we never hung out during the music, it was grand seeing you and Chuck grab those awesome spots over on the left side. After seeing your blankey, I hustled over and got one for myself, which my wife promptly appropriated for her and our puppy.

    Friday, we got in a bit late, and were a few rows back…Scottie and Rosalie managed to squeeze in with us but soon drifted away as the crowd surged forward and every spare inch was appropriated. Saturday, we got in first, and the four of us were spot on right where we wanted to be. I played rail-hog, and hung onto my spot the whole evening. Sunday was another story…as we moseyed in , and set up our spot, the Sunshine living room…a “mature deadhead” was right to my left…we chatted a bit about our good fortune, and he said,something like, “the rail doesn’t belong to any “one” person anyway, it belongs to us all.” What better way to exemplify the family spirit than to share what is most valuable with those around us. With that spirit in mind, Sunday I vacated my coveted spot a dozen or so times, rotating the folks behind me-strangers who became friends and then family for the evening- up to the rail to enjoy a song or extended riff….culminating in a revolving spot all evening long. Somewhere in the middle of the evening, one guy tapped me on the shoulder, and said, “we’ve all decided, you are the Jerry Garcia of our group.” Another said, “after thirty odd years of going to GD shows, this one was the very best from a family and sharing point of view.” So it just goes to show you, if you have a goal, and work very hard at achieving something, then share or give it away, it returns ten-fold.

    Thanks to all of you for all the advance planning each and everyone did. My personal grand plans to visit as many as I could gave way to just hanging with a few. We have an awesome family. I still have my GOB licorice and Tami’s beaded bees and a few other mementos from the pic-a-nic…maybe they will fit in a nice frame with the show poster and ticket and program and laminate…

    “The feeling we have here — remember it, take it home and do some good with it. I’ll leave you with this, please, be kind.”~Mickey Hart

    …the music never stops, and never do the opportunities to be kind…Peace…g

  3. Jeff Smith Post author

    Once that guy mentioned it, it was obvious that Geomeister had been channeling Jerry all along the way from the founding of Sunshine Daydreamers, throughout FTW and beyond. And there are so many other Keepers of the Flame in our merry little band. And that spirit was and continues to be contagious! Onward!

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